Individual Blog Writing

Need a single blog created? No problem. Whether you’re looking for on-page content for your personal site or individual blog writing to kick off your company’s platform, we’re here to deliver quality, SEO-optimized content you’ll that reflects well on your business.

Individual Blog Writing as Unique as Your Company

Your company has a unique perspective on the world, and your blogs should reflect that. At Proline, we’ll work closely with your business to craft unique, creative blogs that put your company’s best face forward.

Individual blog prices are as follows:

  • 400-500 words: $40
  • 500-600 words: $55
  • 600-700 words: $60
  • 700-800 words: $70
  • 800-1,000 words: $90
  • 1,000-1,500 words: $125
  • 1,500-2,000 words: $145
  • 2,000 words and up: $155