Author: Ashley Arcel

How Small Business Owners Can Avoid Burnout: 10 Tips From Inside the Industry

Burnout. It’s a four-letter word for small business owners. After all, part of building a brand that will last a lifetime is being able to show up and work harder than anyone else. And that’s pretty tough to do when you’re feeling jaded and exhausted. Today, burnout rates are higher than they’ve ever been, especially…
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April 4, 2017 0

9 Deadly Business Blog Mistakes Most SMBs Make

Blogging is essential for driving traffic to your business, but are you doing it right? Today, about 36% of Fortune 500 companies have a blog, and 77% of internet users read them on a regular basis. If you’re writing a relevant, compelling, on-brand business blog, this is great news. If you’re not, it represents a…
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March 14, 2017 0

10 Tasks You Should Outsource to be More Productive

Today, companies that want to grow know what they need to do: outsource. While most small businesses start with a single founder or pair of partners doing it on their own, workloads eventually outpace time and energy, and SMBs are forced to adapt. While hiring an in-house team is the logical first step, lots of…
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March 7, 2017 2

5 Tips for Creating Successful Content in a World of Short Attention Spans

Today, the human attention span is just under eight seconds. That’s a full second shorter than a goldfish’s. While we’d all love to believe our customers hang breathlessly on every word we write, this just isn’t true. We live in a world of skimmers, and creating successful content is more difficult today than ever before. Fortunately,…
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March 1, 2017 0

How Google’s Intrusive Interstitial Update Will Affect Small Business Owners

If you’re a small business owner using pop-ups on your site, listen up. This post is for you. On January 10, 2017, Google rolled out a new algorithm update, known informally as the “Intrusive Interstitial Ad” update, which penalizes websites that display disruptive pop-ups to their mobile users. Designed to make the web a more…
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January 27, 2017 0

What I Learned from HubSpot’s “SEO in 2017” Webinar (& How it can Boost Your Business in the New Year)

Some of the most common questions I get are from small business owners who know that SEO is important but don’t have a clue where to start with it. And this is understandable. Google updates its algorithm thousands of times each year, and SEO is a notoriously slippery and fluid thing to attempt to get…
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December 27, 2016 0

How I Wrote This 1,000-Word Post in 15 Minutes Using Evernote Dictate

We all get it: content is critical. It populates your web pages, gives your readers something to interact with on your blog, beefs up your social media profiles, and helps you establish yourself as an authority in your industry. But dang it’s time-consuming! . It’s not uncommon for small business owners to spend hours each…
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December 7, 2016 1

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Holiday Marketing for SMBs

Thanksgiving is over and December’s holidays are rushing in at breakneck speed. Is your small business prepared? Holiday marketing for SMBs is critical. Between getting ready for out-of-town guests, cooking big meals, and purchasing gifts to fill the space beneath the tree, though, you’ve got a lot to do! While the holidays can be hectic,…
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December 2, 2016 0

6 Ways SMBs Waste Money on Marketing (& How to Avoid Them)

If you’re like most small business owners, your marketing budget is limited. Regardless of whether you focus on social media, blogging, or guest posting, you don’t have thousands to flush down the drain on faulty marketing. If you’re like so many small businesses, though, the chances that you’re wasting money on marketing are immense. Even…
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November 3, 2016 1
Small Business Marketing Tips from Tim Ferriss

10 Genius Small Business Marketing Tips we can Learn From Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is known for many things. In addition to being a near-mythical king of efficiency, he’s a multi-time NYT bestselling author and prominent silicon valley investor. In fact, Ferriss has several “unicorn successes” under his belt, including Facebook, Evernote, Twitter, Uber, and Shopify. He’s also a mass experimenter who keeps his blood and urine in…
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October 30, 2016 3