Author: Ashley Arcel

How to Improve Your Marketing Copywriting

7 Things to Banish From Your Marketing Copywriting Right Now

  Marketing copywriting: it’s a different animal than virtually any other form of writing. Less flowery and flourish-filled than creative writing, but more vibrant than technical or scientific writing, marketing copywriting comes with its own rules, structures, and requirements. Not surprisingly, lots of people aren’t exactly sure how to approach it. This issue is compounded…
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September 26, 2017 0
SEO Trends in 2017

3 Fast SEO Trends To Influence Your Content Marketing This Fall

  Are you up-to-date on SEO trends? If not, you could be missing out on some big opportunities for your business this fall. Luckily, it’s easier than you might think to stay abreast of SEO best practices. Here are some major search engine optimization trends you should be paying attention to this fall: 1. Voice…
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September 18, 2017 0
Google My Business

Google Makes it Easier to Manage Your My Business Listings

  If you have a Google My Business listing, you know keeping it current is essential. Unfortunately, the fact that the My Business editor is somewhat out-of-the-way can make that tough. Recently, though, Google unleashed a new feature that makes it easier to manage your My Business listing, right from the search results. How it…
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September 14, 2017 0

The One Thing Small Businesses ALWAYS Get Wrong About Content

  I sat down on a call with a potential client the other day. A budding business, this client wanted a complete content package – blogs, social media, an e-book – the whole thing. The meeting went well and, towards the end of it, I asked the client if they had any additional questions for…
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August 25, 2017 0
How to Become a Thought Leader

How Any Company can Become a Thought-Leader in Their Niche

They’re immortal questions. “How do I develop brand recognition?” “What do I have to do to stand out as an authority?” “What steps can I take to help people discover my brand?” Luckily, the answer for all of them is the same: become a thought leader. If you’ve ever wondered how to become a thought…
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July 31, 2017 0

6 Common-SenseThings Great Content Always Does

The web is home to a veritable sea of content, but not all of it is equal. Just like successful people, professional athletes, and geniuses do certain things that separate them from the crowd, great content checks certain boxes that help it rise to the top. To ensure your content is heard over the noise…
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July 12, 2017 0
Not working over the holiday weekend.

The Guilt-Free Guide to Not Working Over the Holiday Weekend

The 4th of July is upon us, and small business owners everywhere are glancing at their calendars fearfully, wondering if this long weekend will really be a weekend for them. While being self-employed has dozens of perks, it’s also got some notable drawbacks. One of the most pronounced is that it’s tough to step away from…
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June 30, 2017 0
What to look for when you hire a copywriter.

5 Things Every Good Copywriter Should do

  If you’re considering hiring a copywriter for the first time and feeling a bit confused about it, you’re not alone. While the addition of remote talent to existing workforces has become more popular in recent years (3.7 million employees – 2.8% of the workforce – are now remote at least 50% of the time),…
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June 6, 2017 1

What are the Best Social Media Tools for Small Businesses?

Today, it’s virtually impossible to run a small business without being on social media. According to Small Business Trends, 44% of local businesses “depend on social media” to drive brand awareness and revenue. Fortunately, that effort pays off. 90% of marketers report social media marketing has increased exposure for their company, and 75% say it’s…
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April 26, 2017 0
how to be a better small business owner

5 Books Every Small Business Owner Should Read

  Gary Paulsen once said, “I owe everything I am and everything I will ever be to books.” Today, people read for different reasons: Reading can be an escape or a form of entertainment. It can also be a powerful platform for education, which it commonly is for small business owners. In addition to helping us…
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April 18, 2017 0