6 Common-SenseThings Great Content Always Does

6 Common-SenseThings Great Content Always Does

July 12, 2017 Blogging for Business Content creation 0

The web is home to a veritable sea of content, but not all of it is equal.

Just like successful people, professional athletes, and geniuses do certain things that separate them from the crowd, great content checks certain boxes that help it rise to the top.

To ensure your content is heard over the noise of today’s online world, make sure it does these ten things:

1. Provide Value

If your content doesn’t provide value, it doesn’t have a right to publication. It’s that simple. Anyone can create low-brow, thoughtless, sloppy content in an instant, but it takes time, skill, and attention to create content that actually means something to your readers. Shoot for the latter, or don’t shoot at all.

2. Speak to The Correct Audience

Being “Everything to everyone” is a recipe for failure in the world of content marketing. For your content to succeed, it has to know who it’s speaking to, and why. If you haven’t developed a target persona, do it now. Or, if you have, revisit it to ensure it’s still representative of your base, and that your content is speaking directly to Marketing Mary, Coldcut Chuck, or whoever you’re trying to get into your store.

3. Be Educational

The reason promotional content is so icky is that it’s neither valuable nor informative. Today, readers want to learn something new when they interact with your material. This means you need to tell your readers something, show them how to solve a problem or give them insider tips they can use to make their lives easier.

Companies that can educate their followers gain authority automatically, and stand a better chance of winning customers down the road.

4. Excite

So Google released another algorithm update. Why should anyone care? The answer is simple: they won’t if you don’t. Truly great content comes from a foundation of passion and excitement. For an example of a brand that does this well, consider Gary Vaynerchuck.

One of the most famous serial entrepreneurs out there, Vaynerchuck has made his career off of inspiring people to act, which he does through creating some seriously exciting content. Check it out:

5. Be Optimized for SEO

Great content is written with search engines in mind. While lots of people shy from this because it seems like paying any attention to search engines comes at the cost of the reader, it’s important to remember that SEO optimization is how you find more readers and gain larger audiences.

Instead of breaking the bank on paid ads, craft content that includes target keywords, high-value links, and meta content that makes it “Readable” for search engines.

If you need help, hire an SEO copywriter who knows the ropes.

6. Tell a Story

Every company has the power to tell a story with its content. If you need proof, consider the Gary Vaynerchuk video above or take a look at brands like Airbnb, which has exploded in popularity thanks to its beautiful storytelling videos, like the one below:

The Only Way to Rise Above? Create Outstanding Material

Creating outstanding content is far from simple, and it’s easy to get lost in the process. Luckily, checking in with these six common-sense “must-dos” is an effective way to continue pumping out great stuff, and ensuring that people will follow.

Ashley is the Founder of Proline Creative. Before starting Proline, she worked in educational content creation, print journalism, and as a Content Strategist and SME for two of the largest content marketing firms on the web. Today, she works with SMBs and startups to create quality online content on a one-to-one basis.

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